Our clients have endured discrimination in the workplace.

Our clients have been harassed and retaliated against. Our clients have been denied reasonable accommodations for their disabilities. Our clients are whistleblowers who have reported waste, fraud, and abuse.

It is our pleasure and privilege to work on cases like these. We only take cases where we believe we can effectuate a positive change in our clients’ lives. Once we dedicate ourselves to a case, we explore every option, consider every angle, and we do not stop until we have achieved the best possible result for our clients. Anyone facing a problem in the workplace deserves nothing less.

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“Katherine Atkinson of Atkinson Law Group expertly guided me through the complex and confusing process of filing and settling an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint at my Agency.  Not only did Mrs. Atkinson and her staff demonstrate excellence, but equally as important, they were empathetic every step of the way.  Their unwavering support and expertise resulted in a successful resolution to my complaint.  I've tried to capture my experience succinctly, but there truly aren't words adequate enough to offer here.  This firm is the personification of exceptional.”

- Candy F., Federal Employee
“Working with the team at Atkinson was a relief, particularly given the stress of the situation that brought me to them. Not only did they believe in my case, they believed in me as a person and that I deserved justice. I appreciated the way they listened to my needs and provided me with multiple, different options for action at each point during the process. We worked diligently together for multiple years and, in the end, accomplished the absolute best-case scenario for my situation. I can confidently say that I am living my best life, thanks to the team at Atkinson Law Group.”

- Christina G., Private Sector Employee
“Pursuing an EEOC claim alone against a federal agency was an insurmountable task. Thankfully, the team at the firm excepted my case and took charge early on, lifting the burden so I could rest and recover from a traumatic career loss. Their knowledge and experience won the day - and their compassionate, respectful treatment of me through 2 1/2 years earned my deepest gratitude.”

- Lori P., Federal Employee
“When I first met with the Atkinson Law Group, they sat me down and actually listened to my concerns and empathized with me. They thoroughly explained to me the process and what I should expect. Throughout the long process, they were very attentive and supportive of me.  They worked tirelessly to prepare for every scenario that could come up throughout the process. They wanted to hold my employer accountable and speak for the people without a voice. The trials and tribulations that I had to deal with since 2017 put me on an emotional roller coaster, but the staff kept me calm and grounded. They worked so hard and used their experience and expertise to zealously advocate on my behalf.  I am beyond thankful for the Atkinson Law Group and I am forever indebted to them.”

- Rodney W., Federal Employee 
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